14th Steering Group meeting, 16-17 October 2017, Budapest, Hungary


The 14th PA4 SG minutes was held on 16.17 Ovtober 2017 in Budapest Hungary.


The objective of the meeting was (1) to provide information on recent activities of EUSDR PA4 -PA5, ICPDR, ICSRB, JRC, Carpathian Convention (2) to update on project financing possibilities with a special focus on Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE, Danube Transnational Programme (DTP) and the Seed Money Facility (SMF), (3) to initiate discussion with water related priorities of different macro regional strategies and (4) to disseminate information about project proposals and project implementation related to PA4 cooperation with different NEXUS partners and organizations.


Over twenty participants from seven countries were present at the meeting: representatives from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Baden-Württemberg, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Serbia and Slovakia participated as well as delegates of the EUSDR Priority Area 5 (environmental risks), EUSDR Priority Area 6 (biodiversity) the ICPDR, the Sava Commission, the Joint Research Centre (via skype), GWP-CEE, the Danube Transnational Programme Joint Secretariat, the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Joint Secretariat, the Danube Sturgeon Task Force, Interact, Sediment project management and the Joint Tisza project representatives were present at the meeting.


Meeting Agenda can be found here.

Meeting minutes can be downloaded from here.

Presentation about the PA4 activities can be found here.

Presentation of the Sava Commissioin (ISRBC).

Presentation of priority area on “environmental risks”(PA5-PAC).

Presentation on DTP Seed Money Facility Programme(DTP-SMF- PA4).

Presentation about the INTERACT activities(Interact).

Presentation about the TRIMONITOR project concept(TRIMONITOR).