4-5.06.2012 Bratislava, Slovak Republic


Preliminary documents

Invitation and Registration form


Final documents

Minutes of meeting
EUSDR Report June 2012


Hydrology Study for the Sava River Basin: data sheet
ICZM: data sheet
Protection and Sustainable Use of Water Resources from Alluvial Aquifers in the Sava River Basin: data sheet
PS-RED: data sheet
Towards Sustainable Sediment Management using the Sava River Basin as a Showcase: data sheet

Roadmaps (discussed and agreed on final contents of roadmaps at the meeting (on the spot) and the PACs were committed by SG to compile and adjust them in form)


Action 1
Action 2
Action 3
Action 4
Action 5
Action 6
Action 7
Action 8
Action 9
Action 10
Action 11
Action 12
Action 13
Action 14