(Conservation of alluvial habitats of community interest on the Szabadság Island and side channel in Béda-Karapancsa pSCI)


LIFE07 NAT/H/000320


The DANUBEISLANDFOREST project’s main objective was to demonstrate a long-term, sustainable conservation model for white willow (Salicion albae) alluvial forests in Hungary. A core aim is to eliminate or mitigate the factors that threaten the habitats of Community interest. To achieve these goals, the project consortium intended to clear the project area of invasive species and non-native ee plantations and restore the appropriate water flow in the side-arm to improve water availability for white willow forests during low water periods and to facilitate an undisturbed ecosystem, where natural processes are predominant.


Programme: LIFE+

Total Budget: 1,795,529.00 €

Duration: 01-JAN-2009 to 31-DEC -2013

Coordinating Beneficiary: WWF Világ Természeti Alap Magyarország Alapitvány