CC-WaterS (Climate Change and Impacts on Water Supply)


Policy makers and water suppliers are required to develop sustainable management practices for water resources, considering existing and future influences of climate change.  CC-WaterS  identified and evaluated resulting impacts on availability and safety of public drinking water supply for several future decades.


Elaborated measures to adapt to those changes build the ground for a Water Supply Management System regarding optimization of water extraction, land use restrictions, and socio-economic consequences under climate change scenarios for water suppliers in SEE.
The joint actions to produce this technical system performed on a transnational level in the Alps, Danube Middle and Lower Plains and coastal areas representing different SEE-characteristic climates and topography.


In CC-WaterS, SEE governmental bodies, water suppliers and research institutions worked together and implemented jointly developed solutions. The complementary knowledge of the partners, enhanced by further applicable results of past projects provided a strong background.


Programme: South East Europe

Project Partners: 18

Project duration: 01.05.2009 – 30.04.2012

Project Budget:   € 4,224.503,00

Lead Partner:  Municipality of the City of Vienna Municipal Department 31 – Waterworks, Vienna, Austria