WHAT is Thematic Pole for?


– setting up the DTP Capitalisation Stratgey  –


The DTP has designed its own DTP Capitalisation Strategy, which is thriving in a new context, differing to the SEE in a few aspects.


The DTP Capitalisation Strategy is as young as the DTP 1st call projects, meaning it will be growing together with the projects, hand in hand, grasping important aspects, welcoming and integrating the projects from the future calls and working as “knowledge and inventory manager”.


DTP is enabling the synergy building between the DTP projects, as well as with other projects funded by other financial instruments. This is a first phase which will make it possible for the projects to get to know each other’s work, establish professional links in order to cooperate and score better outcomes and results through peer learning, benchmarking, etc.


The DTP Capitalisation Strategy is perceived as a living organism with its phases, recycling all the time – after each call for proposals, new projects will be joining the Thematic Poles and the synergy building will restart with the new projects, while at the same time, the first results and outcomes will be in the making phase. So, the lapse of time will not tarnish the achievements but add value. Like the capital grows when invested wisely.


More about the DTP capitalisation srategy can be found here.


The DTP Thematic Poles


Currently there are 11 thematic poles defined within the DTP Program.


Thematic Pole 4 – Water Management


Currently four projects are cooperating in the framework of Thematic Pole 4 in connection to water management. While the projects address different issues like steering land use to safeguard water resources and reduce flood risk; coordinating sediment management along the Danube river; developing an integrated river basin and flood risk management plan for the Tisza River Basin; improving drought monitoring, management and emergency response in the Danube Region; they seek for synergies for the common benefit.