MEASURES Managing and restoring aquatic EcologicAl corridors for migratory fiSh species in the danUbe RivEr baSin


Sturgeons and other migratory fish species represent a historic, economic and natural heritage of the Danube River Basin and are indicators of the ecological status of aquatic ecosystems, especially of the functionality of ecological corridors. Their populations have suffered substantially from overfishing, pollution, habitat destruction and disruption of their migration routes. The need for their conservation is recognized at a high political and management level (EUSDR-PA 06, Biodiversity, DRBMP). Habitat fragmentation, as well as the lack of comprehensive knowledge on available habitats for migratory fish and on genetic diversity impede the restoration of migration corridors, vital to secure  migratory fish on the long run. Concerted transnational management of these corridors and actions for their restoration as well as supportive conservation stocking of native species is highly needed.

MEASURES will pave the way for the establishment of ecological corridors through identifying key habitats and initiating protective measures along the Danube and its main tributaries. A methodology for migratory fish habitat mapping will be developed and tested. A harmonized strategy (including prioritization) for the restoration of ecological corridors will be developed and will support implementation in future management plans. Two pilot actions are envisaged: (1) identify and map key habitats, (2) restocking of two native species to conserve their genetic pool. A network for concerted restocking of targeted species will be established, as well as a manual for the operation of broodstock facilities. A MEASURES Information System will be created to facilitate access to information for experts, decision makers and the general public. Concrete input into the next drafts of policy- and management plans (e.g. river basin- and flood risk management plans) will secure the translation of project outcomes into sustainable management of relevant sites restoring ecological corridors.


Basic information


Start date: 01-06-2018

End date: 31-05-2021

Budget in Euro: Overall: 2512931,08

ERDF Contribution: 2045645,09

IPA Contribution: 90346,27

Priority: Environment and culture responsible Danube region


More information is available via the following website: DTP-MEASURES