Stakeholder Seminar of the Priority Area 4 and 5





19 November 2015

Session I.


Chair: Mr Matija Vilfan, Head of the Danube Strategy Point
Welcome address:

Mr István Joó, Ministerial Commissioner, EUSDR National Coordinator,

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Hungary

Keynote presentations:

Water and environmental risks in the Danube region

Mr Marco Onida, Coordinator EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR),

Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy, European Commission

Mr Frantisek Kolocany, EUSDR National Coordinator,

Department of Cross-Sectional Activities, Government of Slovakia


State of play

in the water and


risks sector

achievements and issues

to further tackle


Priority Area 4 “To maintain the quality of waters” of the EUSDR (PA4)

Ms Andrea Vranovska, Priority Area 4  Slovak Republik (presentation)

Dr László Perger, Priority Area 4  Hungary (presentation)

Priority Area 5 “To manage environmental risks” of the EUSDR (PA5)

Mr Mihail Costache, Priority Area 5 from Romania

Mr László Kóthay, Priority Area 5 from Hungary (presentation)

JRC Water Nexus

Mr Fayçal Bouraoui, Unit H 01  –  Water Resources Unit,

Joint Researche Centre,  European Commission (presentation)

EU Water Framework Directive and EU Floods Directive  –  Programmes of Measures 2015-21

Mr Raimund Mair, ICPDR, Danube River Basin Management Plan (presentation)

Mr Károly Gombás, ICPDR, Flood Risk Management Plan for the Danube Basin (presentation)


Session II.


Chair:                Ms Zsuzsanna Kocsis-Kupper, advisor to the EUSDR Priority Area 4 Coordinator, Hungary


Financing possibilities

in the water sector

available in the

2014-2020 period

Key Features and Opportunities of Financial Instruments under ESI Funds 2014-2020

M. Matija Vilfan, Head of the Danube Strategy Point (presentation)

Horizon 2020: Focus on Water Innovation under the new call

Ms Zsuzsanna Kocsis-Kupper (presentation)

LIFE: Water priorities

Ms Zsuzsanna Kocsis-Kupper, NEEMO External Monitoring team (presentation)

Central Europe Programme and water projects

Ms Monika Schönerklee.Grasser, Head of the Evaluation and Monitoring Unit; Joint Technical Secretariat of the Central Europe Transnational Programme (presentation)

Strengthen transnational water management and flood risk prevention, improve preparedness for environmental risk management in the frame of theDanube Transnational Programme

Ms Alessandra Pala, Head of the Joint Secretariat of the Danube Transnational Programme (presentation)

Cross Border Cooperation Programs

Mr Ferenc Márkus, International Director, Széchenyi Programme Office (presentation)

European Investment Advisory Hub

Mr Sebastian Hyzyk, European Investment bank (presentation)


Session III.


Chair:                Ms Andrea Vranovska, advisor to the EUSDR Priority Area 4 Coordinator, Slovak Republic


Successful project examples

and best practices

in the water sector

Water researche Institute, Ms Andrea Vranovska


Enhancement of public Awareness of the Importance of Water for Life, its Protection and Sustainable Use in Accordance with the Water Framework Directive, LIFE PLUS (presentation)

Corvinus University, Mr András Kis

Urban Water Footprint

A new approach for water management in urban areas, URBAN_WFTP Central Europe  (presentation)

General Directorate of Water Management, Mr Miklós Szalay


Sustainable Integrated Management of International River Corridors in SEE Countries, South East Europe (presentation)

National Institute of Hydrology and Water management, Ms Mary.Jeanne Adler


Flood hazard and flood risk mapping in the Danube Basin – experiences of a successful project, South East Europe (presentation)

Europa Media/Geonardo, Ms Gabriella Lovasz 

How to establish water consortium for projects in the new calls (FP7, H2020, LIFE) (presentation)

Carpathian Convention, Ms Eleonora Musco

Water and Climate project experiences, networking in the Danube Region (presentation)


20 November 2015


Morning Session


Chair:               Mr Frithjof Ehm, Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy,

European Commission Programme manager


Networking facilities:

development needs of the countries

in the Danube Region

Country specific needs

for the future project consortiums

Austria, Mr Karl Schwaiger,

Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management (presentation)

Czech Republic, Mr Jirí Chrpa

Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic (presentation)

Moldova, Mr Gherman Bejenaru

State Hidrometeo Service, Ministry of Environment (presentation)

Romania, Mr György Deák and Ms Monica Matei

National Institute for Researche and Development (presentation)

Slovakia, Ms Alena Kurecova

Water Researche Institute (presentation)

Ukraine, Mr Mike Nagorkin

Transcarpathian Agency for Investments, innovations and Development (presentation)

Hungary, Mr Gombás Károly

ÉDUVIZIG (presentation)


Project ideas and

partner search tips

EIP Water and Horizon 2020:

Boosting opportunities – innovating water,

Mr Ciprian Nanu, EIP Water Secrterariat Eastern Europe Desk (presentation)

Cost-effective infrastructure development based on life cycle cost analysis

Mr Károly Kovács, president of the European Water Association (presentation)

Global Water Partnership, Mr Richard Muller WaterInnEU (H2020): Applying European market leadership to river basin networks and spreading of innovation on water ICT models, tools and data (presentation)

Find a water partner – ACQUEAU – EUREKA, Mr Gergely Mészáros

EUREKA/Eurostars national Project Coordinator (presentation)





Water Scarcity and excess water DPGG

Royal Eijkelkamp Danube program

Zsofia Kovacs EWS


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